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Perfecta BP 132 52" Paper Cutter

Perfecta BP 132 52" Paper Cutter

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Perfecta BP 132 Paper Cutter (52" Width) Details

The Perfecta BP 132 52" paper cutter is a high production machine. This heavy duty machine is manufactured in Germany and comes from a long lineage of high quality products. Perfecta and Baumman have partnered to deliver the best paper cutter on the market. Use this paper cutter to exponentially increase your productivity.

Paper cutters are machines that affect every job that passes through a print production site. In addition, they are also the most important because when a cutter breaks down everything else must top too.

The Perfecta BP 132 features the same speed, precision, and reliability that the market has come to expect. However, this machine delivers with a whole new suite of operator convenience features that make it a true pleasure to use. Little things that reduce fatigue and eliminate operator wait time can all have a net positive effect on overall production. 

Users who take advantage of the automation features get the most benefit. The integrated color touchscreen has many types of automation for various scenarios and applications. Users can accept JDF file from the network to have fully complete cut programs that match their exact work tickets. If you don't have that infrastructure or workflow there are still high speed programming features that can help to create a cut program on-the-fly.


  • Powerful gear drive for the knife
  • Gear box with helical spur gears with a 10-year warranty
  • Digital servo drive positioning system for the backgauge
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Stainless steel plated and slot-less cutting table
  • Cutting table and side tables with air bed
  • TS computer with 18.5 ” high resolution color touch screen
  • CIP3 / CIP4 enabled
  • LED table light and cut line indicator
  • Built-in knife hoist with setting gauges and knife guard
  • Self-monitoring safety light barrier
  • Two-hand cut control
  • Complete rear table guarding
  • Overload protection device
  • Ejector for cutting stick
  • Tool cabinet


  • Enlarged air side tables
  • Carbide tipped blades
  • Lift kit for taller working height
  • Automatic Waste Removal System AWR
  • Multi nozzle blow down device for AWR-system
  • Front hold-down device for knife
  • Smart clamp (limited clamping stroke)
  • Low pressure device (for corrugated and pressure sensitive material)
  • Motorized knife adjustment
  • Barcode scanner
  • S2C package (Straight To Cut), with bar code scanner and CIP3/4 network connectivity
  • Swivel backgauge
  • Swivel-tilt backgauge
  • Print mark positioner
  • Built-in knife cleaning device (for glued products)
  • Variable knife speed
  • Rear loading options (retractable side guides and others)



    BP 132

    Cutting Table Width

    52 " / 1320 mm

    Feed Height

    6.5 " / 165 mm

    Useful Rear Table Length

    52 " / 1320 mm

    Stainless Steel Air Side Tables

    24.4 " x 32.3 " / 620 mm x 820 mm and transfer corners

    Minimum Cut without False Clamp

    0.8 " / 20 mm

    Minimum Cut with False Clamp

    3 " / 77 mm

    Clamping force

    560 - 10115 lb / 2.5 - 45 kN

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