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Mach 5 Digital Color Printer

Mach 5 Digital Color Printer

How to Purchase This Item:

With exceptional technology from Memjet, The Mach 5 Digital Color Printer is unlike any other envelope printer in its class. It’s fast, reliable, AND it will boost your return on investment. You will ask yourself how your business ever survived without it!

The Mach 5 is capable of printing full color at 6 inches per second and an amazing 1600 x 1600 dots per inch. The faster option is 1600 x 800 dpi at 12 inches per second which still produces a clear image. This means you will be producing up to 7,500 pieces per hour! The Mach 5 clearly wins out over the 1200 dpi at 3,000 pieces per hour of LED or laser printers.  That’s because Memjet packed five ink channels (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, and Black) into the single 8.77” wide print bar. Inside these channels is a whopping 70,400 nozzles from which the ink is sprayed onto the substrate.

If you want a cost-efficient machine, the Mach 5 is just that. The five ink tanks each hold 250 mL of ink for long job runs and low cost per piece. If your business is looking for a machine that will produce short runs, the Mach 5 is perfect for that as well. Print what you need, when you need it. It will eliminate outdated cardstock and free you up on storage.

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