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Standard PF-P330 Automated Suction-Feed Folder

Standard PF-P330 Automated Suction-Feed Folder

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Standard PF-P330 Automated Suction-Feed Folder

The PF-P330 Automated Suction-Feed Paper Folder from Standard is revolutionizing desktop folding. Its innovative suction feed system provides remarkably quiet operation and exceptional paper feed reliability. The PF-P330's simple and dependable operation guarantees many years of outstanding performance and productivity.

The PF-P330 provides superior feed reliability across an extensive range of paper stocks, including laser and coated stocks while preventing the marking commonly associated with less sophisticated friction feed folders. The tremendous feed capability of the PF-P330, combined with its simple-to-use push button automation, makes the PF-P330 ideal for virtually any organization including copy centers, in-plants businesses, quick printers, universities, churches, and more.

Simple Automated Operation

The operator can quickly select from four standard preset sheet sizes and six popular fold patterns all with push button simplicity. Operational information and settings are clearly displayed on the control panel's LCD screen. The intuitive design of the control panel makes any operator comfortable and quickly productive.

Revolutionary Paper Feed System

At the heart of the PF-P330 is a patented rotary vacuum-pulse feed system that delivers extraordinary paper feed reliability. Importantly, it simplifies operations by virtually eliminating the need to make paper feed adjustments with most stocks. This advancement utilizes a space saving and surprisingly quiet vacuum/blower pump. The pump's small 8" x 8" footprint creates flexibility by allowing for desktop positioning alongside the folder or on a cabinet shelf under the PF-P330. The low sound level of the PF-P330's pump is notable in comparison to the significantly higher sound levels traditionally associated with suction feed folders. In fact, the PF-P330 pump is as quiet as a mid-volume office copier.
  • Present Fold Patterns:
    • Letter Fold
    • Half Fold
    • Double Parallel Fold
    • Engineering Fold
    • Z-Fold
    • Gate Fold
  • Paper Size: 5" x 5.2" to 12" x 17"
  • Max. Folding Speed: 240 Sheets/Minute (Letter Size - Half Fold)
  • Feed Tray Capacity: 2.2" (550 ea - 20 lb Sheets)
  • Programmable Modes: Ten Custom Fold Memory Settings (Rewritable)
  • Optional MT-330 Stand
  • Options: MT-330 Stand
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