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Baum 20 VFM Versatile Finishing Modules for Precise Finishing Solutions

Baum 20 VFM Versatile Finishing Modules for Precise Finishing Solutions

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The Baum 20 VFM is a uniquely designed system that integrates finishing modules, offering the flexibility to be placed in-line with other equipment or offline with additional VFM modules to deliver comprehensive finishing solutions. This innovative design incorporates the robustness and superior features of the renowned BAUM 20 Pile feed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd station folders.

The Baum 20 VFM excels in handling a wide range of stocks, from light to heavy weights. Notably, it stands out for its ability to score, slit, and perforate heavier stocks without causing any curl in the sheet, a common issue when using buckle folders for similar tasks. Unlike traditional folding machines that bend sheets, the Baum 20 VFM ensures stocks remain straight and flat as they pass through the slitter shafts.

Each unit of the Baum 20 VFM features three sets of removable cartridge slitter shaft assemblies, utilizing the same tooling as BAUM 20 folders. This three-shaft design enhances sheet control and alignment for various applications, allowing multiple lines of scoring and perforating in a single pass. The versatility of this system enables closer placement of perforations and scores compared to single-shaft designs.

Baum VFM 20 Applications include:

  • Single or Multiple Lines of Scoring
  • Single or Multiple Lines of Perforating
  • Micro-Perforating
  • Timed Perforating
  • Edge Trimming
  • Center Slitting
  • Gutter Slitting
  • Timed Slitting
  • And More!

The Baum 20 VFM series modules can be seamlessly integrated with a range of equipment such as the Baum CF20 Folder, Baum Mobile Delivery Stackers, UV Coaters, Laminators, and more to provide comprehensive finishing solutions. By utilizing rotary scoring and perforating instead of strike scoring, this system offers faster and more versatile operations, leading to significant cost savings in scoring and perforating processes.

For precise finishing needs and efficient production processes, the Baum 20 VFM series modules offer adaptability, accuracy, higher production rates, and labor savings. These modules can be independently powered and adjusted to various heights for enhanced customization. Additionally, BAUM delivery stackers can be incorporated at the exit end to streamline the collection of finished products.

Specifications VFM-1P 1st Station
Max Sheet Size (Standard) 20.5" x 33"
Max Sheet Size (Optional) 20.5" x 36"
Min. Sheet Size 4" x 6"
Pile Feeder Stack Height 25"
Feeder Design Top Feed/Air Vacuum
Mobile NO
Number of Slitter Shafts 3
Slitter Shaft Diameter 1-1/8"
Speed 8200 ipm
Controls PLC Touch Screen




Total Counter Standard
Batch Counter Standard
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