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Shrink Wrapping and Packaging Equipment

Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Shrink wrapping equipment is great. It makes an extremely common process used in all kinds of industries easy to do. It is a very easy and fast way of protecting products and bundling them for transportation or storage. There is a lot of variety in how packages are shrink wrapped but the basics are pretty simple, and the finer details are in things that boost productivity.

Sealing and Shrinking

The process of shrink wrapping is broken down into two main parts: sealing and shrinking. Sealing is when you wrap your product in shrink film and then cut it off the roll with a hot sealing bar. The loosely wrapped item is then subjected to a shrinking process. Most commonly this is a hot tunnel but on the entry level there are hot air guns that you can use to shrink a few packages.

Larger shrink-wrapping systems automate this process. Sealing can be done automatically, and packages are then instantly transported away to the hot tunnel. Operators are required to do less and less handling as the automation of the shrink-wrapping system gets better. 

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