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Baum 20INF Inline Folder for Continuous Folding Performance

Baum 20INF Inline Folder for Continuous Folding Performance

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Product Description:

The Baum 20 INF Inline Folder is a revolutionary solution designed to streamline continuous folding processes. This unique folder eliminates the need for manual loading of traditional cut sheets, making it an essential component of high-speed electronic printing continuous forms systems. It offers seamless, non-stop folding for documents printed on blank or pre-printed continuous rolls of paper, as well as fan-folded continuous documents. The Baum 20 INF can be seamlessly integrated with a form's cutter or burster.

Typical Applications: Unprinted Roll/Printer/Cutter/Folder

The operational workflow involves feeding a blank roll of paper into a high-speed electronic printer, then through a forms cutter to separate the continuous paper into individual sheets. These sheets are then fed into the Baum 20 INF for efficient folding, preparing them for insertion and other processes.

The mobility of the Baum 20 INF is a standout feature, equipped with wheels and leveling pads for easy transport and secure positioning. This folder is a variation of the renowned Baum 20 pile and continuous feed folder line, setting the standard in the commercial paper folding market.

With a maximum sheet width of 20.5 inches, the Baum 20 INF effortlessly handles two-up printed formats for feeding 11" x 17" or A3 printed forms, enabling increased production efficiency. Optional features like the Baum 20-8-page right-angle folder facilitate right-angle or tandem folding, sorting forms in number sequence from left to right, and collecting them orderly at the exit end. Special applications can benefit from the optional 16-page right-angle unit.

Baum 20INF Inline Folder Features:

  • In-plate gluing for self-mailers with spot gluing at maximum speed
  • In-line gluing for self-mailers with side seams and privacy spots
  • In-line tabbing compatible with other tabbing machines
  • In-line remoistenable gluing systems

New Standard Features:

  1. New Baum Quick Paperless Roller Settings: Exclusive setup of folding roller pressure using Baum Quick paperless gap sets.
  2. New Micro-Adjustment on Fold Plates: Macro and micro adjustment on fold plates for minimal length changes with inch belts and metric digital readouts.
  3. New Extended Mobile Delivery Stacker: Provides mobility and ample collection length.
  4. New 1-1/8" Diameter Slitter Shafts: Standard heavy-duty slitter shafts for precision slitting, scoring, and perforating, allowing quick installation of pre-set tooling assemblies.

Baum 20INF Inline Folder Specifications

Maximum Sheet Size 20.5”x31” [52x78.7cm]
Minimum Sheet Size 4”x6” [10.2x15.2cm]
Fold Roll Configuration Combination Poly/Steel
Electrics Available 220//1/60 or 220/3/60
BaumQuick Roller Settings Standard
Fold Plates Per Section. Swings up, Combi down
Slitter Shafts 1-1/8 diam., Adjustable Centers
Speed 8,200 ipm Fold
Crate Size 97" x 48" x 62"
Fold Roll Drive 1 HP AC Inverter
Shipping Weight (approximate) 1220lbs. [553.4kg]

Equipment specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact for additional information.
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