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Baum CF-20 Creaser Folder - Heavy-Duty Buckle Folding Solution

Baum CF-20 Creaser Folder - Heavy-Duty Buckle Folding Solution

How to Purchase This Item:

The Baum CF-20 Creaser Folder is designed to operate independently behind most impact or rotary creasing machines in tandem or at right angle to the exit of the creasing or scoring machine. The fully adjustable height design allows the CF-20 to accept sheets from low to very high entry heights to adapt to multiple machines.

The Baum CF-20 is a heavy-duty buckle folder that incorporates the proven features of the popular Baum 20 Series Folders plus additional features needed for today's folding needs. The Baum CF-20 can be used to perform multiple folding impositions that previously could not be done using a buckle folder. This includes the need to fold heavier stocks more than just a half fold. The Baum CF-20 can also be used for folding select sized and thickness stitched booklets or stapled sets. This meets another need in the market to be able to trifold, and or half fold multiple sheets for mailings etc

Baum CF-20 Creaser Folder Features

  • Hang-on delivery stacker with independent drive and speed control
  • Independent electrical power box with capability to add more optional features
  • Infeed cross carrier table with angled roller design
  • Adjustable height marble holder to allow for single sheet to multiple sheet thicknesses
  • Sound covers over upper buckle plate are standard
  • Four fold plate positions with 3 operating plates and on stationary deflector
  • Jam detection at the exit of the folder using electro-mechanical switch
  • New non-marking, flip detector buckle plate technology that eliminates the need to pull plates up to switch from open to deflect positions
  • Large solid unrethane folidng rollers to handle heavier weight stocks and resist curl
  • Mobility of folder with wheels and locking brake

Baum CF-20 Creaser Folder Specifications

Minimum Sheet Width: 3.94"
Maximum Sheet Length for Tandem In-Line Feed: 31.0"
Maximum Sheet Length for Right Angle Feeding: 20.5"
Minimum Sheet Length: 5.94"
Minimum Fold Length: 3.0"
Minimum Stock Weight: 16# bond (60 gsm)
Maximum Stock Weight: 385 gsm**
Fold Roller Diameter: 2.75"
**Results are based upon stock being pre-scored,creased or perforated on the fold line. Results of heavy weight stocks without pre-scoring, creasing or perforating on the fold line will vary. Equipment specifications and features are subject to change without notification.
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