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TP-201 Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine

TP-201 Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine

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In today's competitive market, having high-performance machinery is essential. Introducing the TP-201 Automatic Strapping Machine, a modern design that seamlessly integrates into your packaging line. Whether you have specific requirements or general needs, our machine offers both quality and affordability.

Key Features of the TP-201 Automatic Strapping Machine

The BPX Solutions Model TP-201 Automatic Side Arch/Side Seal Strapping Machine is distinguished by its standard size arch measuring 850mm (34” H) x 600mm (24” W). This versatile machine can accommodate a wide range of product sizes, making it especially suitable for gravity-powered conveyor heavy products. With its front-mounted arch, the TP-201 facilitates side strapping, ensuring automatic operations for both strapping and package in-feed and out-feed.

Performance and Specifications

  • Fast operating speed: 2.1 seconds per strap, up to 27 straps per minute.
  • Optimal for heavy products as the product weight rests on the conveyor, not the machine.
  • Automatic cycle switch for controlling feeding and strapping motions.
  • External tension control knob adjustable up to 175 Lbs.
  • Energy-efficient with automatic motor shut off after 60 seconds.
  • Maintenance-friendly with no oil requirement, thanks to self-lubricating components.
  • Compatibility with 9mm (3/8”), 12mm (1/2”), and 15mm strap sizes.
  • Adjustable strap cooling time suitable for both light and heavy packages.
  • Includes a footswitch for swift and convenient operation.

Technical Details

Arch Size: 34" W x 24" H
Table Height: 32"
Strapping Speed: Up to 27 Straps per Minute
Maximum Tension: 80kgs
Power Supply: 220, 240, 380V - 50/60Hz or 3 Phase
Shipping Weight: 440 lbs
Warranty: 1 Year on Parts
Air: Non Required
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