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Challenge Champ 185 Hydraulic Paper Cutter | Precision Cutting Solution

Challenge Champ 185 Hydraulic Paper Cutter | Precision Cutting Solution

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Challenge Machinery is proud to announce the release of the Champ 185 Paper Cutter. This model features an 18.5" cutting width in an extremely small format capable of fitting through a standard door. It features a hydraulic power system for the knife and clamp which sets it apart from other models in this category which typically use an electric drive.

Challenge Champ 185 Hydraulic Paper Cutter

A heavy duty welded frame of 1/4" thick cold rolled steel makes this paper cutter strong and rigid. The paper clamp can reach a maximum pressure of 2,350 lbs. Having hydraulic clamping pressure makes a huge difference when dealing with knife draw. Cutters this size with electric clamps can suffer from inaccuracy caused by not enough clamping pressure.

Users can read a pressure gauge and adjust the camping pressure with an adjustment dial. Having fine control of the clamping pressure can go a long way to achieving the best cutting results with stiff board or thin delicate stocks. Electric clamps have erratic pressure through the cutting cycle and can cause marking or draw.

A clamp opening of 3.25" is a major benefit compared to the usual 2" clamp opening on similar models. With a hydraulic clamp and knife cutting stock piles that high will still retain accurate results. 

Challenge Champ 185 PRO Model

The Champ 185 Pro is an upgraded model of the Champ 185. The Pro model features a more advanced computer control system. The base model has a digital LCD read out. With the Pro model the machine is capable of recording and replaying cut programs. This is a huge productivity feature that can help to optimize production processes

The touchscreen makes it simple for new operators to take command of the machine and achieve great results. Newer operators really enjoy touchscreen operated equipment and can get up to speed much faster. 

Champ 185 Pro Screen
Champ 185 Pro Touchscreen (Pro Model Only)

Challenge Champ 185 Paper Cutter Features

  • 18.5" Cut Capacity
  • 3.25 Clamp Opening
  • Manual or Programmable Backgauge
  • Optional light beam safety system
  • Rolls through a 36" doorway
  • Strongest small-format paper cutter
  • Fully hydraulic knife and clamp
  • Heavy-duty welded frame
  • Heavy-duty lockable casters
  • Plugs into a Standard 120 Volt / 20 am outlet
  • Easy to reach adjustable clamp pressure
  • Includes One High Speed Steel Knife
  • Includes Three Cutting Sticks
  • Includes Wood Jogging Aid
  • Includes Tool Kit, Knife Changing Tool, and Manual
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Challenge Champ 185 Paper Cutter Specifications

  • Maximum Cutting Width: 18.5"
  • Maximum Cut Length: 19"
  • Minimum Cut Length: 0.75" (1.75" with False Clamp Plate)
  • Red LED Visible Cut Line
  • Width: 33.5"
  • Depth 43.5"
  • CE Certified
  • ANSI B65 ISO 12643 Safety Certification
  • Made in USA

Challenge Champ 185 Paper Cutter Options

  • Upgrade to Pro Model
  • Add False Clamp Plate
  • Add Pre-Clamp Foot Pedal
  • Upgrade to Optical Light Beams

Equipment features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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