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Count-S Non-Contact Counting Machine

Count-S Non-Contact Counting Machine

This Product is Discontinued

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Count-S is Vacuumatic's solution to the challenge of counting sheets or products made form materials that are too thick or heavy to count mechanically. Count-S incorporates cutting edge optical technology which captures, reads and counts an image of the stack edge, using Vacuumatic's unique software. 

By using this method, Count-S is capable of reading a stack of products to 450mm high and returning an accurate count results within seconds. 

Selected for use by the manufacturers of Security, ID and Credit cards, as well as by packaging companies around the world, Count-S is leading the way in the field of optical counting equipment. 
Typical Applications: 

  • Security and Credit Card Manufacturing
  • Packaging Production
  • Pharmaceutical Insert Production


  • Optimized productivity
  • No marking or damage to products
  • User friendly operation
  • Can be integrated to existing process lines
  • Fast, Accurate Stack Quantification
  • Non-Contact Counting Technology
  • Counts A Wide Range of Materials
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Flexible Modular Construction
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