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Count PerfMaster Dash

Count PerfMaster Dash

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Count PerfMaster Dash

Meet the Count PerfMaster Dash – where simplicity, affordability, and quality converge. This machine is the go-to choice for those with lower-volume needs who prioritize cost-effectiveness. With its top friction paper feed and straightforward hand-crank mechanism, it makes perforating and scoring accessible to all users. It boasts compatibility with a range of paper types, from single sheets to coated stock and even multi-part forms with open or glued edges.

Standard with the PerfMaster Dash is a 9-1 perf wheel, but there are four other blade options to cater to diverse requirements. Transitioning between these options or switching from perforating to scoring is a breeze, achievable in mere seconds.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Use: Hand-crank operation is straightforward and cost-effective.
  • Portability: The removable receiving tray and magnetic feed guide rails allow for easy mobility and adaptability for tabletop use.
  • Rapid Transition: Seamlessly change between perforating and scoring.
  • Depth Control: Easily configure the perf/score depth.
  • Paper Feed Width: A commendable 17-inch capacity.
  • Varied Compatibility: Suitable for single sheets, coated stock, and multi-part forms with both open and glued edges.
  • Adjustability: Magnetic guide rails on both the feed table and receiving tray are adaptable to fit diverse paper sizes.
  • Optional Mobility: A support stand can be availed for enhanced portability.
  • Visibility and Access: A clear top lid offers a direct view and provides ease of access inside.

Technical Specifications:

Paper Feed Type Friction
Max Perf/Score Speed Operator Dependent
Paper Weight Compatibility 60 - 350 gsm
Max Sheet Dimensions 24" L x 18" W
Min Sheet Dimensions 4" L x 4" W
Max Perf/Score Spots per Sheet 4
Product Dimensions 44" L x 32" W x 32" H
Weight 100 lbs
Electrical Requirements Not Applicable
For the latest specifications and features, reach out to MSL at 810.238.7370.
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