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DryLam ALM3222 Laminator/Trimmer

DryLam ALM3222 Laminator/Trimmer

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DryLam ALM3222: The Ultimate Lamination Solution

This product has been discontinued. Check out the Drylam HLA-2301

Introducing the DryLam ALM3222, an innovatively designed laminator that promises not just lamination, but a comprehensive, automated finish for your documents. From lamination to trimming, cutting, and stacking - it handles everything, all while ensuring minimal manual intervention.

Features at a Glance:

  • Effortless Operation: One-touch mechanism ensures nearly hands-free lamination.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Laminate, trim, cut, and stack documents as large as 13" x 19", all in a single streamlined process.
  • Clarity Guaranteed: Heated rollers are integrated to produce scratch-free, crystal clear lamination.
  • Precision Matters: Micro-adjustable side trimmers are incorporated for flawless flush cutting and precise border encapsulation.
  • Wide Sheet Handling: Capable of managing up to 13" wide sheets, providing 12.6" of film coverage.
  • Banner Length Prints: The built-in long mode is tailored for extended banner-length prints.
  • Superior Speed: Enjoy a 25% speed increment over its predecessor, the ALM3220.

For a deeper dive into the specifications and any additional information, feel free to reach out to us.

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