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Drylam SAP125GLOSS 5.0 MIL Gloss 12.6" x 328' (Case)

Drylam SAP125GLOSS 5.0 MIL Gloss 12.6" x 328' (Case)

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Introducing the Drylam ALM3222 5.0 ML Gloss Laminate 12.6" x 328', available in a case of 2 rolls. This laminate is a part of Drylam's celebrated ASAP line, recognized as a leader in the industry. Experience the luxurious glossy finish it can impart to your documents.

Super-Lam: Superior Bonding for Digital Prints

Digital prints, especially those from toner-based engines, often contain fuser oils and glycol. These additives make the print surface slippery and tricky for most conventional co-polymer films. Enter Super-Lam: equipped with the specialized ASAP adhesive, it's designed to effortlessly bond with these challenging toner surfaces.

Why ASAP Film?

The acronym ASAP, which stands for "Always Sticks, All Prints," defines the reliability of this film. Whether the print surface is a challenging toner or a traditional offset, ASAP has got it covered. There's a vast temperature adaptability, ranging from 210 to 270 degrees, with a popular preference around 240 degrees F. This allows for tailored settings, ensuring perfect adhesion to any print. And unlike many digital toner laminating films, Super-Lam with ASAP adhesive is consistent, delivering equally exceptional results on ALL digital toner-based and conventional offset prints. To enhance the visual appeal, SuperLam incorporates a higher polyester base film thickness, which uplifts the clarity, rigidity, and depth of the final lamination.

Key Features

  • ASAP Film: Guarantees adherence to any print surface.
  • Product Code: SAP125GLOSS
  • Superb Clarity: Ensuring a crisp and clear finish.
  • Outstanding Strength: Enhancing durability.
  • Stress and Crack Resistance: Maintaining the document's integrity.
  • Wide Flexibility and Chemical Resistance: Suitable for a broad range of applications.
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