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Drylam SAP75MATT 3.0 ML Matte 12.6" x 984' (CASE)

Drylam SAP75MATT 3.0 ML Matte 12.6" x 984' (CASE)

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Introducing the Drylam SAP75MATT 3.0 ML Matte 12.6" x 984', available in a case. The Drylam ASAP line is celebrated as one of the top laminates in the industry. With its matte finish, this laminate promises to lend your documents a soft satin finish.

Superior Binding with Drylam

Super-Lam films are meticulously crafted to adhere to the intricate toner-based digital prints. On Demand Digital Printing, which employs toner-based print engines, contains fuser oils and glycol. These additives form a surface that conventional copolymer films find challenging to grip. However, Super-Lam comes fortified with ASAP adhesive - a specialized adhesive layer, uniquely tailored to bond seamlessly to these tricky toner surfaces.

Product Code: SAP75MATT

Why Choose ASAP Laminating Films?

ASAP stands as an acronym for "Always Sticks, All Prints." It signifies this film's versatility, catering to any printed sheet regardless of whether it's a complex toner surface or traditional offset printing. While many digital toner laminating films display inconsistent performances across different toner outputs, Super-Lam, combined with ASAP adhesive, ensures steadfast results across ALL digital toner-based prints and standard offset prints. Its expansive running temperature range, spanning from 210 to 270 degrees (with a common setting around 240 degrees F), provides users the liberty to calibrate the perfect temperature and speed settings. This guarantees exceptional adhesion to any digital toner or conventional offset prints. In line with DryLam's esteemed Trade-Lam films, SuperLam also features an enhanced polyester base film thickness, augmenting clarity, rigidity, and the depth of the finished lamination.

Key Features

  • ASAP Film: Ensuring it "Always Sticks to All Prints".
  • Superb Clarity: For a transparent and clear finish.
  • Outstanding Strength: Bestowing durability.
  • Stress and Crack Resistance: Preserving the document's integrity.
  • Wide Flexibility and Chemical Resistance: For long-lasting and versatile use.
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