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Fredia Eco Wz

Fredia Eco Wz

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Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited Fredia Eco Wz

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B2 format flexible

The maximum output plate size is 775 mm. It is compatible with B2 size printing presses.

Maintain a low amount of treatment fluid and waste liquid

The coating and development method used in the FREDIA Eco W continues to be adopted. As a result, the amount of treatment liquid used and the amount of waste liquid are maintained appropriately.

Built-in punch

Up to 3 types of punches can be set according to the standards of the printing press manufacturer (including options). After output, it can be set directly on the printing machine, which greatly contributes to eliminating bottlenecks in the plate-making process. In addition, since it is an exposure process after punching, the registration accuracy is greatly improved.

High Productivity

The output speed is about 30 plates per hour in the chrysanthemum half-cut wide size, which is a very high productivity.
The use of a high-speed spinner motor and an internal drum system provides approximately twice the plate-making capacity compared to thermal CTP.


The body size of the FREDIA Eco Wz is less space-saving than that of general thermal CTP, so it is possible to make effective use of factory and office space.

PDF native support SDP-RIP standard support

In combination with SDP-RIP, multiple settings such as output frequency, calibration, screening, and plate size can be made. In addition, it automatically processes the process from plate size switching to output without switching settings.
* It is possible to receive and output 1-bit TIFF output from other companies' systems.


FREDIA Eco Wz specifications

Body Specifications

light source Red Laser Diode
Exposure method Internal drum method
Output Resolution 1200dpi, 1800dpi, 2540dpi, 3000dpi
Output speed Approx. 30 plates/hour (chrysanthemum half-cut) 2540dpi
Output Media Fredia Plate (FPS-175)
Output plate size Minimum 305mm × 305mm Maximum 775mm × 680mm
* The lower magazine is only for use with a width of 510mm or more.
Connection RIP SDP-RIP
capacitance Single-phase 200V-240V, 12A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,400×970×1,510mm
Environmental conditions Temperature: 18°C-25°C, Humidity: 40-70%
mass 500kg (without processing liquid)
Built-in punch 425mm or 220mm Bach standard OP: Komori Punch

Specifications of the developer unit

Tank capacity Development: 1.2 l Stability: 5.8 L
supplementation Forced replenishment method
Liquid temperature control Temperature control unit: Development 150 W, stable 300 W Operating temperature: Development 33°C, stable 18°C
Liquid Waste System Waste liquid overflow method: Tank capacity 30L
Reject tray 40 editions (maximum)
Drying section Airflow method: 1,000W 30°C to 50°C

Plates to use

flexible CTP plate FREDIA PLATE

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