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Standard Horizon

Horizon BQ-470V Variable Perfect Binder

Horizon BQ-470V Variable Perfect Binder

This Product is Discontinued

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Horizon BQ-470V Variable Four-Clamp Perfect Binder

This model has been discontinued. Check out the Horizon BQ-500 Perfect Binder

One-to-One Book Production
The Standard Horizon BQ-470V “Variable” four-clamp Perfect Binder can quickly changeover from clamp-to-clamp for true on-demand production of variable thickness books. The BQ-470V binder has “intelligent automation,” a feature that is built into all Horizon post-press products and is best illustrated by the intuitive, icon-based color touchscreen.

Designed for the short-run POD and commercial print book markets, the BQ-470V four-clamp binder is controlled via the 10.4” intelligent color touchscreen. A digital caliper also measures book thickness and automatically transfers the settings to the binder for quick, automated changeover and truly efficient single-edition book production. With single-person operation, the BQ-470V can produce up to 1,350 books per hour, bind books up to 2.5” thick, and meet varying customer application requirements with interchangeable glue tanks that support both hot-melt EVA and PUR adhesives.

Horizon BQ-470V Variable Perfect Binder Features:

  • The BQ-470V is the best suitable perfect binder to enable you to produce one-to-one ultra short-run book.
  • Each clamp and all book thickness related adjustments are made automatically in just seconds.
  • Book thickness information is entered via the Horizon SI-470 integrated caliper.
  • For longer production runs the BQ-470V is capable of operating at a cycle rate of 1,350 per hour.
  • Existing machines are easily upgradeable in the field by adding optional V-470S variable production software and SI-470 book thickness caliper.
  • A PUR option allows for the highest quality Photo and Memory Book production.
  • One-to-One ultra-Short-Run Book
  • Book Thickness Measuring Device
  • Operates at a Cycle Rate of 1,350 per hour
  • PUR Options

Horizon BQ-470V Variable Perfect Binder Specifications: 

Book Block Size (Top-Bottom x Fore-Edge) Max. 546(W) x 330(L) mm (21.49” x 12.99”)
Min. 145(W) x 105(L) mm (5.71” x 4.14”)
Book Thickness 0.3 to 65 mm (0.015” to 2.560”)
Production Speed 190 - 670 books/hr.
(Production speed varies depending
on the thickness of series of variable sheet count book.)
*The machine design and specifications are subject to change without any notice.
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