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Standard Horizon

Standard Horizon HT-110 Three-Knife Trimmer for Efficient Book Trimming

Standard Horizon HT-110 Three-Knife Trimmer for Efficient Book Trimming

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HT-110 Trimmer Product Description:

The Standard Horizon HT-110 is a cutting-edge automated three-knife trimmer designed for precision and productivity. Featuring a user-friendly 10.4" color touch-screen control console, this trimmer simplifies operation with its intuitive interface. With the capability to operate at speeds of up to 1,600 cycles per hour and accommodate up to 4 books for a total production of 6,000 books per hour, the HT-110 excels in both speed and efficiency for off-line or in-line operations.

Product Features:

Highly Accurate Set-ups: Easy and simple operation for precise trimming adjustments.
Adjustable Trimming Cycle: Customize trimming cycles from 400 to 1,600 cycles/hour for optimal productivity.
Rigid Framing: Durable structure ensures utmost trimming accuracy.
Chip Extractor: Optional feature for efficient waste extraction from three-knife trimming.
In-Feed Section: Compresses books to remove air, reducing bulk for accurate trimming.
Plate for Trimming Each Size: Option available for presser and trimmer plates tailored to different book sizes.
Chuck Plate Recognition Device: LED indicators guide chuck plate selection for fast and easy replacement.
Trimming Section Control: Adjust knife height and fore-edge angle via the color touch screen, with trimmings blown away by strong air nozzles.

Additional Features:

  • Up to 1,600 cycles per hour
  • Lift size up to 3.14" thick
  • Operates in-line or off-line
  • Operation Console for seamless control
  • Chip Extractor for waste management
  • - In-Feed Section for compressed book handling
  • - Plate for Trimming each size customization
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