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Horizon LBF-500 Book Block Feeder

Horizon LBF-500 Book Block Feeder

How to Purchase This Item:

Introducing the Horizon LBF-500 Book Block Feeder: Your solution to speeding up the book binding process, bringing efficiency and precision to your production line. As a significant addition to the Horizon BQ-500 perfect binder, this feeder is specifically designed to enhance your book production workflow.

The Horizon LBF-500 is a massive upgrade to a Horizon BQ-500 perfect binder. This additional module will simplify the ingesting of raw book blocks. Instead of having to hand feed each carriage the operators can simply set the blocks onto an in-feed conveyor. If there is an automated production line for creation of the book blocks there may not be any manual labor required at all.

The book transport system is deliberately tilted at an angle with jogging to help create perfect prepared blocks. Each block is treated the same leading to more consistent book quality with less human variability.  Blocks are gently moved into the binder carriage pockets and get jogged a second time by the binder.

Horizon LBF-500 Key Features & Benefits

  • Automated Feeding: Say goodbye to manual book block loading. The LBF-500 ensures consistent and automatic feeding of book blocks into the BQ-500 binder.
  • Efficient Handling: Leveraging an angled flighted conveyance system, each book block is carefully jogged, ensuring precise alignment and handling.
  • Enhanced Production: With the addition of the LBF-500 to the BQ-500, expect a drastic increase in production speed. Simplify the process as book blocks can be sourced from an inline production system or simply placed on the conveyor by workers.
  • Capable In-Line Operation: Eliminate the need for an operator to hand feed book blocks, saving time and reducing manual labor.

A Brief History of the LBF-500 Book Block Feeder

The Horizon LBF-500 Book Block Feeder made its debut at the Smart Factory event in Kyoto in 2019. Due to its groundbreaking impact on book production, it has since become available for purchase in the North American market. Upgrade your BQ-500 perfect binder today and take your book production to the next level.

This machine is a direct product of the Horizon philosophy of having a smart factory. Equipment that integrates together in an intelligent way can be a game-changer. Loading a perfect binder is a somewhat labor intensive part of the book binding process. The LBF-500 is a perfect upgrade because it changes the ingestion method for the binder. 

Operators can load the books onto a slow-moving conveyor belt or the LBF-500 can be connected directly to another machine. Highly integrated manufacturers may already have a way of producing book blocks onto a conveyor. Bringing these two together can create an almost operator-free environment.

Additional Book Binding Recommendations

To further optimize your book production process, consider integrating an automated book trimmer after the binder. This addition will ensure your books not only bind efficiently but also have the pristine finish your customers desire.

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