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Horizon BQ-500 Perfect Binder iCE LiNK

Horizon BQ-500 Perfect Binder iCE LiNK

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The BQ-500 perfect binder is designed for all new production levels. Yet it still keeps the same great level of quality as the predecessor. It has better book-of-one productivity, more automation, and new quality control over a wider range of papers. The BQ-500 is the first perfect binder to come equipped with iCE LINK. That is Horizon’s new cloud-based JDF workflow and job-management tool.

Horizon BQ-500 Perfect Binder with iCE LiNK Details

The system has an easy-to-use 12.1” touchscreen for quick setup. It has an ergonomic design for easy operation, and an enhanced delivery system for thin books. Therefore, users can reach higher production rates that ever before. In other words, it's fast!

This high productivity binder is a major release from the team at Horizon. For example, many things in the machine that have been redesigned from scratch for more performance. Automation is a priority. Precision fit parts that hold up to long production runs are a staple item of Horizon manufacturing. As an example, the BQ-500 is the smartest binder on the market and features an network reporting feature called iCE LiNK. 

Horizon has been on the cutting edge of factory automation for a long time. In addition, automation has been a core pillar of their designs since the beginning, and they’ve stayed in tune with the latest developments. For a long time, Horizon had the PXNet option with their machines. This was an application of JDF that worked quite well. In the years since it was released the industry standards have matured. Other manufactures have also greatly improved. iCE LiNK is the next generation of this smart JDF integration.

Horizon BQ-500 Perfect Binder Features & Benefits Include:

  • Advanced automationThe BQ-500 features 21 automated sections in total, reducing setup and changeover time even when making fine variable thickness adjustments – all while ensuring higher quality books.
  • Improved visual monitoringA new, larger production monitoring screen and new, customizable LED lighting serve as a quick-look indicator of system readiness and status. Indicator lights can even be seen from across the production floor with the BQ-500’s light tower.
  • Variable productionThe BQ-500 is the most productive binder for book-of-one production in its class. It has a a variable range of +/-5mm. The BQ-500 can reach production speeds of up to 800 books per hour, almost double the productivity of other binders in this range.
  • Expanded customizationThe BQ-500 is designed to support a wide range of connectivity and enhancement options so that you can expand and tailor capabilities to match your unique needs.
  • Clean spine preparation Improved milling waste removal, a newly designed air flow, and an improved glue application system help ensure high-quality production.
  • EVA and PURThe BQ-500 features interchangeable EVA and PUR glue tanks with a new and improved tank removal process for cleaner and easier tank changeover.
  • Gentle deliveryTo prevent damage to more delicate books, the BQ-500 has reduced the book drop from 150mm to only 5mm. Books are then gently lowered to the delivery belt.
  • iCE LINKThe BQ-500 is the first perfect binder to come equipped with iCE LINK, a cloud-based platform that can provide device monitoring, KPI analysis, PM schedule/alerts, JDF/JMF Workflow, scheduling, job creation, editing and more.

BQ-500 Manuals and Resources

Filename Description Filetype Size Download Link
Barcode Reader Manual 35,588 KB PDF 35,588 KB Download
BQ-500 Operator Manual 90,258 KB PDF 90,258 KB Download
BQ-500 Parts Manual 81,178 KB PDF 81,178 KB Download
BQ-500 Parts Manual for Options 18,108 KB PDF 18,108 KB Download

Horizon BQ-500 Perfect Binder Specifications

Book block Max: 12.59″ x 12.59″
Min: 5.70″ x 4.13″
Cover size Max: 12.59″ x 26.37″
Min: 5.315″ x 8.859″
Cover pile height 5.90″
Thickness Max: 2.55″
Min: 0.039″
Cover thickness Coated: 104 to 348 gsm
Uncoated: 81.4 to 302 gsm
Production Speed(s) Up to 800 books/hr

iCE LiNK Access

After installing this equipment and connecting it to the iCE LiNK network the equipment will immediately begin logging status information. Equipment owners can login to ice link to view the current and historical data on their equipment.

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