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Morgana BM350 Bookletmaking System

Morgana BM350 Bookletmaking System

This Product is Discontinued

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This model has been discontinued. Check out theĀ Plockmatic BM4000

Morgana BM350 Saddlestitching Bookletmaker

The Morgana BM350 is a great machine for making booklets. It can make books of up to 140 pages (35 sheets). An operator will load the flat sheets in or the system can be connected to collator towers. The BM350 will fold and staple the sheets on the spine to produce a finished booklet. You can add a trimmer module to do a final face trim on the booklet. Face trimming will improve the final look of the book be preventing the shingling of sheets for the reader.

One of the main reasons people love the Morgana BM350 is because it can be used inline with the Squarefold unit. Squarefolding is a great technology that drastically improves the quality and look of a saddlestiched book. Squarefold is what it sounds like, the machine will make a square fold on the book spine to give the reader the impression of a higher quality perfect bound paper back book. This look is far superior to a normal saddlestitch booklet.

  • 140 Page (35 Sheets) Hand Fed Bookletmaker
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Patented Folding Mechanism Provides a Sharp and Professional Finish
  • Book Thickness Measuring Automatically Sets the Fold Rollers
  • Heavy Duty Stapling Heads with 5000 Staple Cartridge
  • Face Trimmer Module Option will Trim the Shingle Off the Front of the Book
  • Lead Edge Trimmer to Remove the Shingle and Give a Clean Finish
  • Optional SquareFold Unit to Give Square Edged Books with Flatter Finish


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