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Perfecta 225 TS 88.5" High -Speed Paper Cutter

Perfecta 225 TS 88.5" High -Speed Paper Cutter

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Perfecta 225 TS High-Speed Paper Cutter Product Details: 

Crafted for print shops, paper mills, binderies and plastic converters, this top-of-the-line, computerized guillotine boasts a touch screen, oversized tables, a stainless steel air bed, swift knife change, and a table free of slots. Designed to provide economical and precise execution of demanding and constantly evolving tasks.

Equipment Features:

  • TS Computer
  • Two-hand cut control
  • Mechanical non-repeat device
  • Self monitoring safety light barrier
  • Overload protection device
  • CIP 3 enabled
  • Self contained air bed
  • Hydraulic camp
  • Gear driven knife
  • Table light and cut line light

Equipment Specifications:

Cutting Table Width 88.5"
Cutting Table Height 35"
Smallest Cut 4.3"
Smallest Cut with False Clamp N/A
Maximum Clamp Opening 6.5"
Useful Rear Table Length 106"
Knife Cycle Rate 34 Cuts / Min
Maximum Backgauge Speed 78" / Sec
Main Drive Power 13.4 hp


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