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PERFECTA Pusher System

PERFECTA Pusher System

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PERFECTA Pusher System Product Details: 

The PERFECTA Pusher Systems need to be combined with other peripherals. Pushing systems can take the layer out of the jogger, the gripper transport system or loader and transport them towards the cutter. BTE can be equipped with one or two buffer spaces. It is suitable wherever the layers can be pushed. Transport times of the BTE are shorter than those of the BFS. BTE usually feeds the cutter via the rear table. It can also be installed in combination with a BFS-R (5th buffer-space) or as support for the front table feeding. The layers are transported in a "straight-forward movement."

Technical Specifications: 

Model: BTE
Maximumm Paper Format 1050 x 1450 mm
Maximum Layer Height 160 mm
Connected Load 1,1 kVA
Air Demand (Bar) 6
Air Consumption 5 l/min
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