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Plockmatic Morgana SFT SquareFold Trimmer

Plockmatic Morgana SFT SquareFold Trimmer

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SFT Module Details: Brochure Here

  • Innovative Finishing Solution: The Morgana SFT is a cutting-edge module that enhances booklet finishing with its unique square folding and trimming capabilities. It’s designed to elevate the presentation of booklets, making them look and feel like professionally bound books.

  • Dual Functionality: This industry-first module combines two essential finishing processes in one. It takes a stapled and folded booklet and transforms it into a document with a sharp, squarefold spine and a neatly trimmed front edge.

  • Operator Assisted Trimming: The SFT module offers an operator-assisted process for bleed trimming booklets one by one, making full-bleed booklets accessible for small CRDs or office setups without the need for a separate guillotine.

  • Broad Compatibility: With the ability to handle a wide range of booklet sizes and paper stocks, the Morgana SFT processes up to 50 sheets of 20 lb Bond paper. Its compact footprint makes it a versatile addition to any printing operation, large or small.

Perfect for CRDs, offices, and any printing environment looking to add a professional touch to their documents. Discover the difference with Morgana SFT – where efficiency meets excellence.

Product Specifications

Paper weight (Min) 
17 lb Bond
Paper weight (Max) 

130 lb Cover
Sheet count (Min) 1 folded sheet
Sheet count (Max)  50 stapled and folded sheets - 25 sheets using side trimmer
Feeded book size W x L (Min)  5.85” x 4.14”
Feeded book size W x L (Max) 

12.6” x 12.2”
Finished book size W x L (Min) 5.85” x 3.93”
Finished book size W x L (Max)  12.6” x 12.2” (bypass) 12.5" x 12.16" (trimming all sides)
Face trimming (Min)  0.039”
Face trimming (Max) (Max) 8.26”
Side trimming (Min) 0.039” per side
Side trimming (Max) 0.94” per side
Duty cycle 20.000 booklets/month
Optional Adjustable conveyor attachment W x 31.5’’ D x 18’’ H x 25’’

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