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1170 Rapidcolor Core Color Inkjet Printer

1170 Rapidcolor Core Color Inkjet Printer

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1170 Rapidcolor Core Color Inkjet Printer

Looking for a high-speed, quality print solution?

The 1170 RapidColor Core Color Inkjet Printer, designed by Postmark, is the perfect choice for those seeking a professional and versatile printing solution. Whether you need to print on envelopes, shopping bags, cardboard boxes, napkins, or more, the 1170 RapidColor Print Solutions deliver exceptional high-speed, four-color printing with outstanding quality.

Core Print Solution


The 1170 RapidColor Core Print Solution is specifically designed for high-speed, full-color, full-bleed printing in hand-fed, short-run applications. It provides you with the essential components to achieve outstanding results:

  • Computer with pre-installed Xitron Navigator Software
  • 20” Monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Monitor/Keyboard Mount
  • 11.7” Bleed Channel
  • Up to 10” Adjustable Height
  • Variable Speed & Vacuum

High-Speed Inkjet Printing with HP FI-1000 Printhead

The 1170 RapidColor Core Inkjet Printer features the advanced HP FI-1000 printhead, delivering exceptional speed and quality. With variable data printing capabilities and Xitron software integration, you can easily personalize and customize your prints as needed. The printer offers:

  • 4-Color Printing
  • Full-Bleed Printing
  • On-Demand Printing
  • Durable, Quality Ink
  • Fade, Scratch, & Water-Resistant

Key Features and Benefits

  • Full-bleed inkjet printing up to 11.7” wide
  • Guide rails for aligned prints every time
  • Printing on materials up to 10” in height
  • Computer package plus monitor/keyboard mount for convenient workstation setup

Why Choose the Core?

The 1170 RapidColor Core Inkjet Printer is an ideal choice for various businesses and applications, including:

  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Post Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Etsy & Amazon Resellers
  • Logistics Companies

The Core model is perfect for printing on:

  • Various-sized Boxes
  • Wood
  • Paper Bags with Handles
  • Bubble Mailers
  • And More

Equip your business with the 1170 RapidColor Core Color Inkjet Printer and experience high-speed, full-color printing with exceptional quality. Take control of your printing needs and achieve professional results today!

Model 1170 Rapidcolor Core Color Inkjet Printer
Printer Type Color Inkjet Printer
Applications Envelopes and other materials
Model Options Core (includes image controller, conveyor, and print unit)
Pro (includes feeder and delivery)
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