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Durable 25 Gauge Nickel Plated Stitcher Wire for Book Production

Durable 25 Gauge Nickel Plated Stitcher Wire for Book Production

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Key Details:

Upgrade your bookletmaking process with our durable and affordable 25 Gauge Stitcher Wire. Specifically designed for stitcher heads in book production, this wire is essential for efficient and professional stitching.

Stitcher Wire for Stitcher Heads
Order in lots of 8 for best shipping.

Packaged as a spool of 25-gauge wire, our product is compatible with popular stitcher heads like Hohner and Interlake models. It seamlessly integrates with booklet making machines to create sturdy and precise stitches along book spines.

Stitcher Wire Features:

  • Cases Include 10 Rolls
  • Nickel Plated Wire
  • Low-Cost Stitcher Wire

Our stitcher wire boasts a durable nickel coating that resists flaking, ensuring optimal performance of your stitcher head. Trust our high-quality wire to maintain functionality throughout the entire roll.

Versatility is a key advantage of our 25 Gauge Stitcher Wire, adapting flawlessly to various stitcher heads, guaranteeing compatibility with different booklet makers and stitching machines. The nickel coating enhances appearance and provides crucial protection against corrosion, offering a long-lasting solution for book production needs.

For the best value and lowest freight costs, we recommend ordering in lots of 10. Benefit from our competitive pricing to enhance your booklet making process effectively.

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