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Rena T-350 High-Speed Dual Tabber

Rena T-350 High-Speed Dual Tabber

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T-350 Product Details: 

The T-350 Dual Tabber is ready for work; lots of work. Work that takes its 18,000 pieces per hour throughput speed seriously and makes the T-350 prove itself every day. This is one hard-working tabber that will pay back the investment quickly and effortlessly. The investment is very reasonable and the T-350 is a feature-rich, easy to use dual tabber that offers class-leading precision and functionality with the legendary quality that only RENA offers.

The Rena T-350 High-Speed Dual Tabber boasts a large hopper that can hold up to 300 tri-fold mailers, allowing for fewer disruptions. With the removable feed hopper assembly, the T-350 can easily transform from an off-line tabber to an in-line unit, complete with input guides and transport rollers. A standout feature of the T-350 is its Sprocket Tab Drive System, which utilizes 100% mechanical action to accurately place and advance tabs. The innovative center drive sprockets and adjustable sprocket/peel-bar assemblies make it easy to fine-tune tab placement, even while tabs are loaded. Unlike complicated roll tabs, the fanfolded strips used by the T-350 are simple to handle and load. Designed and manufactured in the US by skilled craftsmen, the T-350 from Rena Systems offers a winning combination of top quality and affordability, as evidenced by its impressive speed of 18,000 pieces per hour.

Equipment Features:

  • 18,000 Pieces/Hour
  • Applies Clear, Translucent, & Paper Tabs
  • Integrated Feeder
  • 300 Piece Hopper
  • Can Run Inline with Other Products
  • Handles up to 9" x 12" Media
  • Uses Rena Fan-Folded Tabs

Technical Specifications:

Tab Materials Clear, Translucent, or Paper
Tabbing Speed 18,000 Pieces/Hour (8.5" Tri-Folded Mailer)
Minimum Material Size 3" x 5" (W x L)
Maximum Material Size 9" x 12" (W x L)
Material Thickness Up to 1/8"
Feeder-Capacity Up to 300 Tri-Folded Mailers
Tab Size 13/16" x 13" x 16" to 13/16" x 15/16"
Tab Capacity 5,000/Sleeve; 30,000/Box
Feeder Built-in Bottom Fed Friction Feed (Hopper Removes to Run In-Line)
Counter 5-Digit LCD (Operator Re-settable)
Duty Cycle 30 Million Addresses Total or 500,000 per Month over a 5-Year Life Cycle
Dimensions 10.5" W x 19" D x 15" H
Weight 40 lbs
Electrical 110VAC 60Hz or 220VAC 50Hz
Options Rena Fan-Fold Tabs, Conveyor/Stacker/Dryer, Drop Tray
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