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Spiel Ferrari Adventure

Spiel Ferrari Adventure

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The FERRARI ADVENTURE is a PUR-fect binding machine. A color touch screen facilitates the ease of set up via an automatic book thickness gauge. The book size, the clamp, and the nipper then adjust automatically.

The milling blade is specifically designed for PUR binding and is adjustable from 0 – 5/64” (2 mm). The blade is comprised of triangular, rotating teeth which triples the life of the blade. The glue (PUR or EVA) is applied by a nozzle connected to a pressurized tank with separate nozzles for side gluing. The 4.4 Lb. (2 Kg) glue slugs can be switched out effortlessly. The machine includes an automatic cleaning tank which makes end of the day clean up a breeze. The nipper dwelling time is adjustable.

Bind books at speeds of up to 400 books per hour, up to 2” (50mm) thick with THE FERRARI ADVENTURE PUR perfect binder.

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