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Sterling DigiPunch-Master Automatic Paper Punching Machine

Sterling DigiPunch-Master Automatic Paper Punching Machine

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DigiPunch-Master Automatic Product Description:

The Sterling DigiPunch-Master i is a robust and high-speed automatic punching machine designed to streamline your paper punching process. With a remarkable punching speed of up to 110 strokes per minute, this machine effortlessly handles sheets ranging from 20 x 17 inches to 5 x 5.25 inches. The paper collection is efficiently managed by the high pile receding stacker, ensuring quick reloading in just minutes.

Equipped with an automatic touch screen feature, the Sterling DigiPunch-Master i simplifies the setting of holes' rear margin, making it ideal for wire binding operations on fully automatic wire binders. Boost your productivity and efficiency with this cutting-edge punching solution.

Production Features:

  • Operates at speeds of up to 110 strokes per minute
  • Accommodates sheets up to 20 x 17 inches
  • Handles sheets as small as 5 x 5.25 inches
  • Features a high-speed receding stacker for seamless paper collection
  • User-friendly automatic touch screen interface
  • Automatic adjustment of holes' rear margin for precise punching

Enhance your workflow and elevate your punching capabilities with the Sterling DigiPunch-Master.

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