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Spiel Sterling PunchMaster 20 - High-Speed Automatic Paper Punch for Binding

Spiel Sterling PunchMaster 20 - High-Speed Automatic Paper Punch for Binding

This Product is Discontinued

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This product is discontinued. We recommend this similar product: Sterling DigiPunch Master

PunchMaster 20 Product Description:

The Spiel Sterling PunchMaster 20 stands as a pinnacle in automatic punching, boasting exceptional speed and versatility. This high-speed automatic paper punch is designed to excel in various binding methods such as Double Loop Wire Binding, Spiral, Plastic, Coil Binding, T-Slots, or Plastic Comb Binding, outperforming other automatic punches in the market. It effortlessly handles tasks like punching double row wrap-around covers, windows, door hangers, tags, and can create holes of any shape anywhere on the sheet.

Key Features:

  • Speed and Precision: Achieve up to 130 strokes per minute or 125,000 sheets per hour with the Sterling PunchMaster 20. Its four-way registration system ensures pinpoint accuracy.
  • Efficiency: Pre-load sheets while the machine is running, allowing operators to focus on off-loading and delivering to the binder. The var-speed conveyor optimizes shingling for efficiency and quality control.
  • Versatility: Punch signatures or single sheets ranging from 4 x 5 inches to 20 x 20 inches, accommodating various materials like paper, board, plastic, vinyl, leather, and even aluminum sheets.
  • Additional Capabilities: Equipped with an air feeder for heavy board or special stock punching. Add-ons like a jogger and corner perforation attachment enhance functionality.
  • Reliability: Built in the United States with readily available parts from local sources.

The Spiel Sterling PunchMaster 20 is a versatile solution that surpasses manual punching limitations. From die-cutting to handling a wide range of jobs efficiently and cleanly, this machine ensures superior productivity. If it can't be punched on the PunchMaster 20, it likely can't be punched automatically. Elevate your punching capabilities with the Spiel Sterling PunchMaster 20!

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