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Standard BQ-P60 Tabletop Binder, Padder & Spine Taper

Standard BQ-P60 Tabletop Binder, Padder & Spine Taper

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BQ-P60 features

Perfect Binder, Padder & Spine Taper

Never before has a compact unit offered as much versatility as the BQ-P60 Document Binding System (perfect binding, spine taping, and padding). Able to produce perfect binds and spine taped books at a rate of up to 180 books an hour, the BQ-P60 is ideal for users that have divergent, low-volume binding demands. Adding the option of padding up to 480 ¼" note-pads an hour makes this compact unit a truly productive and unique option for many office and print environments. The BQ-P60 also contains an adhesive application adjustment, a power saving mode, a built in fume extractor, and uses a lower temperature adhesive.

Product Details

  • Easy Operation: The display indicator lamps on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps.
  • High Productivity: 180 Books/Hour
  • Professional Binding Quality: A cover is glued to the book spine and then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance.
  • Flexible Binding Styles: Choose from three different binding styles - binding with cover, binding with tape, or pad binding.
  • Comfortable Operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard features to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments.
  • Eco-Friendly: Low-temperature glue and eco-mode - reduced power consumption.

High quality binding gives you a lead in making materials, such as for presentations:

  • Clamper Section: The book block is firmly clamped, to produce a professional quality book up to 25 mm thickn.
  • Nipping Section: Nipping strength is adjusted automatically according to the binding style resulting in document quality not found in other tabletop binders.
  • Cover Insertion Section: Users original cover can be used. Binding with tape is also available. Tape widths of 30 mm to 40 mm can be used.
  • Glue Application Section: Amount of glue can be adjusted by dial, depending on the thickness of the book. Smoke extractor removes glue odors from the office for a comfortable operation.
  • Operation Panel Section: To start, simply choose the desired binding style, insert the book block, and follow the procedures indicated by the LED lamps. The machine goes to Eco-mode automatically after certain period if the machine is not used.
  • Easy Operation
  • High Productivity
  • Professional Binding Quality
  • Flexible Binding Styles
  • Comfortable Operation
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Clamper Section
  • Nipping Section
  • Cover Insertion Section
  • Glue Application Section
  • Operation Panel Section


  • Hotmelt Glue - HM-302
  • A4/B5 size with/without die cut window (5 Colors Each)
  • A4 size suitable sheets for laser printer (2 Colors)
  • Clear Cover A4/B5 (3 Colors Each)
  • Glue-Backed Cloth Tape (6 Colors*)
  • Width: 30mm (1.18"): Black
  • Width: 40 mm (1.57"): Dark Blue, Orange, Sky Blue, White, Red, Black
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