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Varn EC Wash

Varn EC Wash

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The Varn EC Wash is a highly effective blend of solvents formulated to deliver strong cleaning power. It contains aromatic distillates for added performance and is water miscible, meaning it readily mixes with water to effectively remove all gum glaze and paper fibers. This product is cost-effective, as it sells for less than most water miscible washes and can be mixed with up to 20% water without reducing its cleaning action, reducing evaporation vapors and the total volume of wash used.

Advantages of Varn EC Wash include its low odor, water miscibility, and safety on the majority of positive and negative printing plates. It is suitable for use as a manual blanket wash and as a roller and blanket wash for sheetfed and heatset web presses.

In summary, Varn EC Wash is a powerful, cost-effective, and versatile cleaning solution for the printing industry, offering strong cleaning power, water miscibility, and safety for a wide range of printing plates.
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