Collection: PUR Perfect Binders

Welcome to our collection of PUR Perfect Binders. A significant advance in the book binding industry, PUR (Poly Urethane Resin) glue is fast becoming the adhesive of choice for a variety of printing applications, and this collection has been carefully curated to showcase the best of PUR binding technology.

In the vast landscape of perfect binding options, choosing the right glue may appear as a mundane decision. However, experienced manufacturers know that the choice of adhesive is crucial. It’s a balancing act between costs, quality, and turnaround time. That’s where our PUR Perfect Binders collection comes in.

PUR's Superior Quality

The evolution of binding glues has seen a progression from animal-based glues to Ethyl Vinyl Acetates (EVA), and now to the modern and more efficient PUR. Although EVA is cost-effective and widely used, it does have its limitations. Books bound with EVA are susceptible to cracking and re-melting in extreme temperatures. They also pose challenges in recycling due to the need to discard the spines. Conversely, PUR glue brings distinct advantages, offering a balance of quality and cost-effectiveness that surpasses other adhesive types.

One of the most defining qualities of PUR glue is its adherence. PUR chemically bonds to water molecules within the paper, allowing a secure hold even on smooth coated papers. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures and maintains the flexibility of the book spine, enhancing the reading experience with a lay-flat quality. Furthermore, the enhanced recyclability of PUR-bound books contributes to a greener production process.