Collection: Electric Paper Cutters

Precision, efficiency, and easy operation are key points of Electric Paper Cutters. Engineered with the needs of small to medium production environments in mind, these machines are the perfect blend of quiet operation and impressive power. No need to worry about the mess of hydraulic oil. These run on electricity and make your job easier than ever. 

Why Choose Electric Paper Cutters?

Electric cutters are less expensive, cleaner, quieter, and smaller than larger paper cutters. Paper cutters, in general, eliminate the stress of manual labor, allowing you to do a large amount of precise cutting in just a few cycles. Electric paper cutters go up to about 23" in width before they tend to have stronger drive systems.

Programmable and Automated Options

Ready to revolutionize your cutting tasks? Our programmable Electric Paper Cutters feature a motorized back gauge that ensures high accuracy, offering ultimate control and consistency. If you're seeking an even higher level of efficiency, our automated cutters can run programs to speed up job cutting, leaving no room for manual errors and boosting productivity.

Shipping and Purchase Information

Some larger items may require a dock or forklift for delivery. Here at Mid-State Litho, we aim to provide seamless customer service. Many of our Electric Paper Cutters come with free shipping, adding an extra layer of value to your purchase.  Furthermore, while some models might not be available for direct online purchase, you can effortlessly explore their features and request a quote, ensuring you receive a product that fits your specific needs.