Standard Horizon

Standard Horizon BQ-280 PUR Perfect Binder with PUR Tank

Standard Horizon BQ-280 PUR Perfect Binder with PUR Tank

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Horizon BQ-280 PUR Perfect Binder Book Machine

This Horizon BQ-280 PUR Perfect Binder is the best in its class. The Horizon BQ-280 is a PUR Perfect Binder that uses an open tank. Unlike the extrusion style perfect binders on the market the open tank can never clog and is a much more consistent and easier experience for the operators of these machines.

Pages falling out of a book is a nightmare. Producing hundreds of books and getting a phone call that the pages are coming out is every manufacturer's greatest fear. For instance, customers calling about paper falling out is a nightmare for book producers. In hot weather especially during bouncy transportation the books can come apart. Therefore, many producers become strict about what papers they use for books.

The Horizon BQ-280 PUR Perfect Binder is a perfect match for digital printed books. Pages will bond chemically with the adhesive and oils from the toner won't matter. PUR glue is excellent with coated and digital stocks. For example, glossy coated covers and coated book blocks will stay together without problems.

Horizon's BQ-280PUR Perfect Binder is specially designed to handle the unique requirements of digital print.  As an example, quick set-ups and changeovers fit shorter production runs. The book-of-one capability works out of the box and in-line verification for document integrity if available as an option.

This book binder will produce high quality binds. The spines will be nipped square under even pressure. In addition, the PUR adhesive will help the books lay flatter than typical hot melt perfect binding machines. PUR glue is a superior formula that flexes more easily so the book doesn't close back up on the reader.

Horizon BQ-280 PUR Perfect Binder Features and Benefits

This machine is easy to use. The large color touchscreen has basic icons for easy operation. Enter the book block and cover information at the touchscreen for quick setup, Carriage clamp, milling, glue tank, nipping, and cover feeder move automatically based on the book size. For example, books can be held in memory and "locked" for additional security. The automated, sensor-activated digital caliper system checks the thickness of every book to prevent mistakes. Book thickness is automatically measured by placing the book block into the digital caliper. 

Lay-Flat PUR provides the best page-pull strength and lay flat qualities when the book is pressed open High Binding Strength and Durability Temperature Resistance/Unaffected by Ink Energy Saving/Cost Saving - Lower power consumption as PUR operates at a lower temperature Ecology - PUR is environmentally safe and makes the books easier to recycle

  • Open tank PUR Design
  • Integrated Cover Feeder
  • High Power Cover Nipping Station
  • Color Touchscreen Control
  • High Speed Spring Milling

Horizon BQ-280 PUR Perfect Binder Specifications

Book Size Max 385 x 320 mm (15.15″ x 12.59″)
Book Size Min 135 x 105 mm (5.32″ x 4.14″)
Book Thickness 1 to 51 mm (0.04″ to 2.00″)
Cover Size Max 385 x 660 mm (15.15″ x 25.98″)
Cover Size Min 135 x 225 mm (5.32″ x 8.86″)
Cover Weight Range Normal: 82 to 302 gsm | Coated: 105 to 349 gsm
Production Speed Max 500 cycles/hr
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