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Horizon VAC Bin Extenders

Horizon VAC Bin Extenders

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Horizon VAC Tower Bin Extenders for Long Sheets

Producing oversized landscape sheets on VAC series collating towers requires proper support for the 24" paper in the bins. That's where Horizon Bin Extenders come in. Our bin extenders are made of high-quality stainless steel, laser cut to the same gauge as the factory-made version, ensuring the same level of quality and durability.

Our bin extenders are carefully hand-deburred and accurately bent to provide the best possible support for your oversized landscape sheets. The addition of non-marring plastic strips to the bottom of the bin extenders ensures that they won't scratch the paint in your bins, keeping your equipment in pristine condition. With Horizon Bin Extenders, you can confidently run your oversized landscape sheets, knowing that your paper is properly supported.

Investing in Horizon Bin Extenders is a wise decision for any business producing oversized landscape sheets on VAC series collating towers. Not only do they ensure proper paper support, but they also protect your equipment from scratches and damage. Order your Horizon Bin Extenders today and experience the difference they can make in your production process.

Horizon VAC Bin Extenders are Compatible With:

  • VAC-1000 (A, M and C) Collating Tower
  • VAC-600 (A, M and C) Collating Tower
  • VAC-100 (A, M and C) Collating Tower
  • VAC-60 (A, M and C) Collating Tower
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