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ColorCut FB9000 PRO - Automatic Digital Die Flatbed Cutter / Creaser

ColorCut FB9000 PRO - Automatic Digital Die Flatbed Cutter / Creaser

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ColorCut FB9000 Pro Details

Experience unparalleled efficiency with the Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO, the ultimate automated digital die flatbed cutter designed for high-volume production. Boasting advanced AirBlade technology and a robust cutting force of up to 1.2kg, this premium cutter handles media up to 1,000 microns with ease. Its sophisticated Vision3 CCD camera system ensures precise cuts every time, while the high-capacity stacker/feeder streamlines your workflow. Ideal for cutting and creasing a wide range of promotional items to any shape, the FB9000 Pro is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to maximize productivity and expand their media options.

  • Digital die cutter for on-demand cutting
  • Dual tool head for clean cutting, crisp creasing, scoring and perforation – with up to 1.2kg cutting force and 1.5kg crease force
  • Cut up to 1,000 micron media
  • Auto sheet feeding for high productivity
  • High-capacity stacker accepts up to 25kg (2,000 sheets) of printed media
  • Adjustable pneumatic suction media pick up
  • High-speed synchronised feeding
  • Continuous belt cutting table for high
  • productivity
  • Driven by ColorCut Pro software
  • QR coded Job Library for file retrieval
  • Optical camera for accurate registration
  • Portrait and landscape sheet fed orientation
  • Mixed jobs can be loaded and cut
  • Media choices – cut your project from thick FB board or kiss cut label media
  • Ease of set-up and use with no requirement for dedicated operators/previous knowledge or specialised expertise
  • Optional ColorCut Pro Server Station


Max media area:
(auto sheet feed) 480mm x 720mm
(manual placement) 550mm x 850mm (no mark scanning)

Effective cutting area:
(auto sheet feed) 480mm x 720mm

(manual placement) 495mm x 735mm

Registration system:
High speed CCD Camera – Vision3 Registration System, using live video feed and advanced 8th generation ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark System)

Job recognition:
Advanced QR code technology for instant file recognition and registration

Stand: integral and included

Media hold down method:  2 zone vacuum bed (High speed 750W vacuum pump included as standard)

Acoustic cover for pump: yes

Acoustic features: Acoustic cover/housing for vacuum pump, silencer for vacuum pump intake


Mountable tools: dual tool functionality, so any 2 tools can be fitted simultaneously – 3 tools supplied as standard: Blade holder, creasing tool & pen calibration tool

Cutting force: Up to 1.2kg
Creasing force: Up to 1.5kg


Uncrated: Length: 1,000mm (39.37″) Width: 2,500mm (98.42″) Depth: 1,600mm (62.99″)

Intec ColorCut Pro Special Cutting Software

ColorCut Pro is a stand-alone application with a plugin, that can be installed on remote computers anywhere within the workflow environment. Perfect for performing contour cutting of paper card and synthetics. Intec offers a complete turnkey solution because we manufacture both the hardware and develop the software for our range of ColorCut flatbed machines.

Intec Software
Intec Software Screenshot

For creatives: The core application enables artworkers to generate barcoded or QR coded cut files with associated job numbers, as an integral part of their design, for instant job recognition and file retrieval.

For print finishers: The ColorCut Job Library enables users to retrieve previously prepared cut files without the need to launch Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®. This is typically used in a production environment, remote from the design studio and may be further enhanced if using the optional Server Station.

Software development: Intec currently offers two modes within its ColorCut Pro software, both delivering the same operator functionality but differing in the way its generates and reads the data. ColorCut Pro automatically generates either a barcode, for the FB550 which uses an on-board optical sensor - or a QR code for the FB775 and FB1175, with on-board Vision3 CCD camera, to read and cut digital files

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