Collection: Tabbing Machines

Tabbing machines are used mainly for mailing. Tabs are small stickers that are used to hold materials closed during mailing. The USPS has strict rules about when tabs are required. Tabs are sometimes called wafers and you may see tabbing machines called wafer sealers. Tabs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Sometimes tabs are perforated for a more clean fold and easier opening for the reader. 

Types of Tabbing Machines

Crash tabbers are tabbing machines that apply their tabs to the lead edge. These machines are typically less expensive but they work great. Crash tabbers typically only do one tab at a time so if your mailing requires two tabs it will have to pass through the machine twice. 

Side tabbing machines work differently and apply their tabs to the side of the piece as it passes by. This is much faster and these machines can apply multiple tabs in a single pass. Many of these types of tabbing machines can be used for stamping or label affixing as well.