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Bantam-1 Sheet Counter and Batch Tabber

Bantam-1 Sheet Counter and Batch Tabber

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The Bantam-1 is a machine that's purpose built for counting paper. Use it to improve your quality control and verify counts throughout your production process. When every sheet is important it becomes critical to verify quantities. The Bantam-1 also features a batch counter.

Bantam-1 Sheet Counter and Batch Tabber

You can verify the counts of sheets coming into your facility and verify the counts when sending finished product out. The cycle speed is up to 2,000 counts per minute. An operator can select to batch count and do tab insertion between 5 and 9999 pieces. The machine is controlled with a touch screen display for easy set up and configuration.

Bantam-1 Features

  • Tab Insertion from 5-9999
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Up to 2,000 Counts per minute
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Total, Batch, and Overage displayed
  • Counting Surface is 15" x 18"

Bantam-1 Specifications

  • Net Weight: 160 lbs (73 Kg)
  • Dimensions: 30" x 18.5" x 37" (76 x 47 94 cm)
  • Throat Height: 6" (15 cm)
  • Table Size: 15" x 18"
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