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Standard Horizon

Auto Creaser CRA-36

Auto Creaser CRA-36

How to Purchase This Item:

Creasing, perforating and slitting can be performed in one pass: See brochure here

Sharp Creasing

Suitable for creasing covers, restaurant menus, shop cards, greeting cards and laminated sheets. The impact creaser avoids cracking on digitally printed applications.

Preparing Perfect Bound Book Covers 

Impact creasing helps to prepare high quality perfect bound book covers. Spine, hinge and flap creases can be properly produced by selecting up or down creasing.


The supplied impact perforation unit and the optional rotary perforation unit enables perforation in both directions. Coupons or tickets can be perforated in one pass.

Reduced die cost

Uniquely designed servo motor controlled “Repeat Register” feature allows multiple-up applications from a single-up die to minimize die cost.

Simple and easy operation

Reduces costly labor steps and increases productivity with easy setup and operation versus steel rule or mechanical dies.


 Model CRA-36
Sheet Size Width x Length
Max. 364 x 865 mmor 14.33” x 34.05”
Min. 105 x 180 mmor 4.14” x 7.09”
For mmversion A3, JIS B4, A4, JIS B5
Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper: 80 to 400 gsm
Coated Paper (Gloss, Matte): 105 to 400 gsm
Feeder Stack Height Max. 150 mmor 5.90”
Impact Creasing Mechanism One set of positive and negative
Number of Impact Crease Lines Max. 10 Creasing Lines
Production Speed 5,000 sheets per hour (A4, short-edge feeding, one creasing line)
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