Baumfolder Century Automated Document Insertion

Baumfolder Century Automated Document Insertion

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Century Series Automated Document Insertion

Print/Fold/Insertion Solution A Solution that does it all. Increase your packaging capabilities and gain fast ROI with Baum's advanced Century solution. Tailored to your specific needs, you can get on-demand printing with folding and insertion and barcode verification. The Century Series document insertion solution takes preprinted materials and folds and inserts into boxes. Add customer specific information for personalized invoices, packaging slips, and promotions. With barcode verification, eliminate customer service problems and gain speed.

  • Increase capabilities by offering more than invoice inserts
  • Personalized marketing and promotion materials are added with ease
  • Print on preprinted return sheets
  • Eliminate manual packing labor and manually folded pack sheets
  • Decrease labor costs and system downtime
  • Increase accuracy and customer satisfaction
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