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Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press

Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press

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Put away your bricks, blocks and boards. The Challenge Paddy Wagon Padding Press design eliminates the mess associated with pad production. Integral shelves store all your padding equipment and doubles as a spill apron to catch excess padding compound. Table edge and clamping bar are designed to reduce compound buildup. Excess compound is easily removed with your padding knife. Large diameter casters allow you to roll the PADDY WAGON to the cutter, folder or wherever the action is. When finished, simply roll aside to dry or until needed for your next padding job.

Paddy Wagon for Paper Padding

This machine is for padding paper. Padding paper is the process of gluing one side of a stack. This is done for a lot of reasons, the most obvious is pads of paper. However, the padding process is also used for multiple part forms. Form padding is a little bit different because the glue and paper are special. If you are padding forms you should carefully select the proper padding glue. Usually the glue and padding paper are designed to work together.

How to Use a Padding Press

  1. Close the doors of the Paddy Wagon and lock them.
  2. Load your stacks of paper flat against the closed doors.
  3. Securely clamp the paper stack.
  4. Open the doors and lock them in the open position.
  5. Apply the padding glue to the exposed size of the paper stack.
  6. Wait for the glue to dry.
  7. Unclamp and remove your stacks.
  8. Clean up the padding press.
  9. Separate your paper pads!

Paddy Wagon for Paper Specifications

  • Easy 1-2-3 Operation
  • High Capacity
  • Portable-Heavy-Capacity Casters
  • Welded Tubular Steel Construction
  • Clean and PortableMaximum Lift Height: 31” / 79 cm
  • Maximum Lift Width: 23-1/2” / 60 cm
  • Lift Depth: 3” to 17”+/8”to 43 + cm
  • Capacity Example: 15,000 8-1/2” x 11” 20# bond/15,000 A4 75g/m2
  • Pass-thru Door Size: 32” /80 cm
  • Overall Base Area: 30” x 30”/76 x 76 cm
  • Overall Height: 66-1/2”/ 170 cm
  • Net Weight (approximate): 100 lbs/ 45 kg
  • Shipping Weight (approximate): 120 lbs/ 55 kg
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