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Challenge Titan 265 TC Hydraulic Paper Cutter (26.5")

Challenge Titan 265 TC Hydraulic Paper Cutter (26.5")

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With a single hydraulic motor powering both clamp and knife, the Titan 265 TC guarantees power and accuracy without compromise. The adjustable clamp pressure allows you to customize clamping force to match specific job requirements. Plus, the Titan switches into an energy-conserving standby mode after a few minutes of inactivity.

Continuing the legacy of innovation and strength that Challenge has been renowned for since 1870, the Titan 265 TC is your partner in productivity. Don't waste valuable production time with outdated tools - step up to the Titan 265 TC!

Outstanding Features

  • 26.5" Cutting Width: Wider cutting width to handle all your cutting needs.
  • Hydraulic Cutting & Clamping: Smooth and precise operations to achieve up to 26 cuts per minute.
  • Rugged Steel & Cast Iron Construction: Solid 1" thick aluminum table offering maximum durability.
  • UHMW Adjustable Knife Bar Gibbs: Ensure a long-lasting, virtually zero maintenance operation.
  • Line Light Cut Position Indicator: Offers accurate cut positioning and enhances multi-cut job programming.
  • Electronic Clamp Pressure Control: Programmable clamp pressure reduces or eliminates clamp mark waste.

Intuitive Control with TC Computer

Titan TC Touch Control interface

The Titan 265 TC features a 10.5" color touch-screen TC Controller, the first paper cutter controller in the world to recognize common .csv format program files. This intuitive system allows for variable mode data entry, automatic fraction to decimal calculation, and unlimited program storage capacity. It features repeat and loop commands, a USB port for thumb drive program delivery, label cutting and sheet division tools, and more, making offline programming simple and easy to implement at any print operation.

Paper Cutter Safety

Your operator's safety is our utmost priority. The Titan 265 TC is equipped with a Category 4 light curtain to monitor the cutter opening. These self-checking beams ensure the highest degree of safety for the operator.

Titan 265 Speed

Featuring an advanced, light touch variable speed pinpoint back gauge control, the Titan 265 TC can quickly position stock. Whether you're using the touch control or typing the desired position and pressing the "Send" key, you can rely on this machine for maximum productivity.

Challenge Machinery Durability

The Titan 265 TC's solid cast iron and steel construction provide maximum durability, while the one-inch-thick solid cast tool-grade aluminum table provides the strong work surface required in a production setting. This sturdy construction promises years of trouble-free operation.

Challenge Titan 265 TC Hydraulic Paper Cutter Overview

  • Up to 26 cuts per minute
  • Virtually maintenance-free design
  • Solid 1-inch-thick metal table offers the strong work surface required in production environments.
  • Trim business cards with the false clamp plate installed – reducing unwanted waste
  • Fully-adjustable knife bar gibs (front and rear)
  • Low-pressure pre-clamping protects operator from injury (less than 66 PSI)
U/L Labelc - ULce

Challenge Titan 265 TC Hydraulic Paper Cutter Features

  • 10.5" Color Touch Screen control panel
  • Electronic Clamp Pressure control
  • USB port for simple thumb drive program entry
  • Ability to receive .csv files making offline programming and memory storage simple
  • Repeat and Loop commands streamline program entry
  • Auto-programming features of sheet division and label cutting with animated graphics
  • Programmable Clamp pressure per cut
  • Automatic Fraction to Decimal Conversion
  • Unlimited program storage capacity
  • Program Lockout
  • Computer Diagnostic Tools
  • ANSI safety standard compliant and CE, UL and cUL Listed

Titan 265 TC Hydraulic Paper Specifications

Maximum Cutting Width 26-1/2" / 67.3cm
Minimum Cut w/o False Clamp Plate 5/8" / 16mm
Minimum Cut w/ False Clamp Plate 1-7/8" / 48cm
Maximum Cut Depth 28" / 71.1cm
Clamp Opening w/o False Clamp Plate 4" / 10.2cm
Clamp Opening w/ False Clamp Plate 3-3/4" / 9.5cm
Clamping Method Hydraulic and Manual
Backgauge Control Motor Powered (Manual version available)


Titan 265 TC Hydraulic Paper Dimensions

Table Space (in front of knife) 18-1/2" / 47cm
Table Space (behind knife) 28" / 71.1cm
Total Height 59" / 150cm
Total Width 54" / 137.2cm
Total Length 69-1/2" / 176.5cm
Net Weight (approximate) 1780 lbs / 807 kg
Shipping Weight (approximate) 2020 lbs / 916 kg

Titan 265 TC Hydraulic Paper Electrical

Motor Type Standard Motor
Hydraulic Pump 5 H.P. Three Phase, 60 Hz, AC
Power option 1 208/230 Volts, 25 Amps (service size 30 Amps)
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