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Count KF-200 Knife Folder

Count KF-200 Knife Folder

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The COUNT iCrease Pro + is a cutting-edge tool, designed to efficiently crease and perforate digital media, ensuring zero cracks when folded. Experience the unmatched automation synonymous with bigger COUNT machines, now bundled into a user-friendly hand-feed mechanism.

Intuitive Design and Functionality

With the iCrease Pro+, there's no more hassle of refeeding your sheets. Enjoy the luxury of creasing and perforating in a single pass. Its adaptability allows for multiple crease locations, perfect bind covers, and provides an option for automatic hinge placement or no hinge at all. Its state-of-the-art sheet set-up is programmed for 11 distinctive types of folds, which includes a perfect binding feature, and an added 12 custom presets. On top of that, its perforation capabilities stand out with 5 interchangeable perf options, inclusive of 2 micro-perf choices.

The COUNT KF-200 Knife Folder: A Perfect Match

Wishing to augment your media folding capabilities? The COUNT KF-200 Knife Folder is designed specifically for digital media enthusiasts who demand precision. Not only is it an impeccable match for COUNT creasers, but its versatility shines as it's compatible with virtually any brand of creasing equipment. Boasting a micro-adjust feature, it easily compensates for fold setting disparities across various brands.

Where typical buckle folders falter, the KF-200 excels, especially for applications involving heftier stock, such as up to 350 gsm card stock. Ensuring a flawless fold without the slightest bend or crack, it's an asset for those who prioritize perfection. Further refining its efficiency, the KF-200 comes with a variable speed output conveyor which features a unique proximity sensor, ensuring that your folded paper flows smoothly onto the exit tray.

Outstanding Features

  • Perfect for COUNT creasers (FC114, FC114A, FC114AP, FC114ASP, AccuCreaser, or EZCreaser).
  • Broad compatibility with almost any creaser, with a micro-adjust feature for optimum results.
  • User-centric touch screen for effortless set-up and control.
  • Adjustment control to always align paper feed perfectly.
  • Transparent top lid for easy visibility and access.
  • Innovative paper exit sensor for a clear and smooth paper exit process.
  • Incorporates 6 pre-set fold patterns with added custom options to suit various folding requirements.
  • Sturdy yet up to 43% lighter than its competitors, making it effortlessly portable.

Product Specifications

Model Number KF-200
Paper Feed Friction
Max Folding Speed 4,300 sph
Paper Weight Range 120 – 350 (gsm)
Max Sheet Size 33.0 L x 14.5 W in (83.8 x 36.8 cm)
Min Sheet Size 5.5 L x 4.75 W in (14.0 x 12.1 cm)
Paper Fold Options Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, Z-Fold, Letter Fold, Gate Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Plus custom options
Touch Screen Controls True
Product Dimensions 47.0" L x 28.0" W x 67.0" H
Product Weight 224 lbs (102 kg)
Electrical 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz (Ensure compatibility before purchasing)
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