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Heat Seal

HDX250 Heavy Duty Combo Shrink System

HDX250 Heavy Duty Combo Shrink System

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Heat Seal HDX250 Heavy Duty Combo Shrink System Details: 

This machine is a combination system. It combines a sealing section and a heat shrink tunnel and is a complete shrink wrapping system.

The HDX250 Combo System is a fantastic product from Heat Seal. This model was engineered from the ground up with modern design practices and new technology. This model is highly customizable to suit the needs of every possible application.

This combination system has a 17" x  21" sealing area with a hot knife. The integrated heating tunnel has an 16" wide by 8" high opening with a tunnel length of 21." This size capability makes the HDX250 suitable for all kinds of common shrink wrapping applications of all shapes and sizes.

Heat Seal HDX250 Features

  • Seal Area 17" x 21" with Hot Knife Exact Seal System
  • 16" W x 8" H x 21" L Heat Shrink Tunnel
  • Balanced Magnetic Hold Down
  • Seal Conveyor for Product Transfer from Sealing to Tunnel
  • RS-5 Plus Digital Controller
  • Meets UL 508A Standard
  • Simple Operation and Precise Temperature Controls
  • Single Cord 220V Single Phase Power Supply

More Great Features!

  • Non-Stick Mesh Tunnel Belt with Adjustable Riser Bar
  • Efficient MaxAir Tunnel Almost Triples Airflow and Surrounds Product
  • Automatic Cool Down
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Four Adjustable Perforating Wheels
  • Auto Tensioning Film Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Casters and Levelers

Heat Seal HDX250 Specifications

  • Seal Area: 17” W, 21” L (43 W, 53 L cm)
  • Tunnel Chamber: 21” L, 16” W, 8” H (53 L, 41 W, 22 H cm)
  • Film Capacity: 22” Wide (56 cm)
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-20 Feet per Minute(0-6 meters per minute)
  • Power: 220 Volts, 23 Amp, Single Phase
  • Tunnel Wattage: 3,600 Watts
  • Working Height: 38” (97 cm)
  • Overall Dimensions: 82” L, 32” W, 59” H (208 L, 82 W, 150 H cm)
  • Weight: 800 lbs. (363 kg)

Heat Seal HDX250 Options 

  • Fully Stainless Steel Construction (Food Grade)
  • Added Heated Hole Punch
  • Tunnel Belt: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Tunnel Belt: PTFE Non-Stick Mesh Belt
  • Left Hand Reverse Flow
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Powered Film Unwind with Perf Roller and 6" Adjustable Inverting Head
  • GTC180/16 180 Degree Gravity Turn Around Conveyor
  • GTC90/16 90 Degree Gravity Turn Around Conveyor
  • AT36 36" Rotary Accumulator Table
  • AT48 48" Rotary Accumulator Table

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