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Standard Horizon

High Speed Offline Feeder HOF-400

High Speed Offline Feeder HOF-400

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Horizon HOF-400 Features:

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The HOF-400 provides flexible system configurations such as 
cover feeding, sheet insert on, variable page count, bleed trimming 
and creasing for digital printing. The HOF-400 finishing system can also be connected with the finishing devices for the offset outputs to process both digital and offset print: all through one efficient system. 

  • Finishing device for digital print: Digitally printed Sheets are fed reliably and with care from the HOF-400 to the saddle-stitching system. A standard mark sensor enables variable sheet count documents to be handled with integrity and verification.
  • Finishing device for offset print: A VAC series collator can be connected in line, for processing of conventional offset printed work. 
  • High speed: The HOF-400 can feed at a speed of 25,000 sheets per hour (A# / 11" x 17") and 35,000 sheets per hour (A4 SEF / 8.5" x 11"). This high-speed feeding is capable of handling the output of multiple printers.
  • Various modular options: The HOF-400 is compatible with a wide variety of system configurations such as sheet feeding, cover feeding, accumulating, bleed trimming and center creasing depending on your needs. 
  • Flexible booklet making system selection: The HOF-400 can be connected to the SPF-200A, SPF-200L, and Stitch Liner series. 

Technical Specifications

 Sheet Size Max.
356 x 610 mm or 14.0” x 24.0”
203 x 203 mm or 8.0” x 8.0”
Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper: 52 to 157 gsm
Coated Paper: 73 to 157 gsm
* When you use thin sheets, you need 
to decrease the speed depending on 
the sheet size.
* The machine can feed thick sheets 
(157 through 209 gsm), but the feed 
speed will decrease.
Sheet Pile Height on Feed Tray Max. 620 mm or 24.4”
Production Speed

A3: 25,000 sheets per hour
A4 SEF: 35,000 sheets per hour 
A4 LEF: 45,000 sheets per hour 
(When the sheets are processed 
one by one.)

4,000 booklets per hour (Without Creasing, 16-page, A4 size booklet)
3,200 booklets per hour (With Creasing, 16-page, A4 size booklet) 
5,000 booklets per hour (Without Creasing, 16-page, A5 size booklet)
4,000 booklets per hour (With Creasing, 16-page, A5 size booklet)
(The production speed is limited depending on the stitcher.)

Voltage/Frequency 3-Phase 200 to 220 V, 50 Hz
or 60 Hz
3-Phase 380 / 400 / 415 V, 50 Hz 
or 60 Hz
Machine Dimensions

W960 x D740 (1,050 mm or 41.4” 
including the blower box) x H936 
mm or W37.8” x D29.2” x H36.9”

Blower Box: 
W553 x D305 x H350 mm 
or W21.8” x D12.0” x H13.8”


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