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Horizon Cross Folder AFC-566FKT

Horizon Cross Folder AFC-566FKT

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The Horizon Cross Folder is a high performance, space efficient fully-automated cross-knife folding machine. Featuring advanced automation with 15 seconds setup time, intuitive/user friendly operation, i2i Network flow system, and 17 programmed fold patterns. The fully automated setup including the suction head, table guide, buckle stopper, cross-knife fold section and side lay guide for the sheet size and fold pattern are selected through the touchscreen. Even the roller gap setting is automated for the actual sheet thickness inserted to the caliper.

  • 17 fold patterns are set up by simply touching the icon for the desired fold pattern and inputting the sheet size on the large LCD color touchscreen
  • All roller gap settings can be performed automatically through the LCD touchscreen inserting a single sheet at the caliper
  • Standard wireless remote controller for more convenient operation
  • The AFC-566FKT is equipped with 6 buckles, 1 cross knife and 2 buckles under the cross knife
  • Fold rollers are constructed with a combination of steel and soft polyurethane for superior grip and sharp, consistent folding
  • Horizon's advanced rotary suction feed system for fast, consistent feeding of a wide range of paper stocks (42,000 sheets/hr. with A4 parallel fold)
  • Intuitive, User-friendly Operation

Production Speed by Fold Pattern

  • A4: Parallel Fold: 42,000; Letter Fold: 28,500
  • 8.5" x 11": Parallel Fold: 45,000; Letter Fold: 30,000
  • A3: Parallel Fold: 31,000; Letter Fold: 20,500; DL Fold: 23,000; 8-Page Cross Fold: 26,000
  • 11" x 17": Parallel Fold: 30,000; Letter Fold: 20,000; DL Fold: 22,500; 8-Page Cross Fold: 25,500
  • A2: Parallel Fold: 22,500; Letter Fold: 15,000; 8-Page Cross Fold: 19,000
  • 18" x 25": Parallel Fold: 21,000; Letter Fold: 14,000; 8-Page Cross Fold: 17,500
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