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ESF-1000 End Sheet Feeder

ESF-1000 End Sheet Feeder

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Enhance your book manufacturing process with the Horizon ESF-1000 End Sheet Feeder, designed to expertly attach end sheets to book blocks, a pivotal step in creating case bound books. End sheets serve as the foundation, allowing your book block to firmly bond with its case bound cover, ensuring durability and a premium finish.

Key Features of the Horizon ESF-1000 End Sheet Feeder

  • Adjustable Tipping Position: The ESF-1000 flawlessly adds folded end sheets to your book block. Adjust the position for attaching the end sheet up to 6 mm from the spine's bottom, contingent on the milling amount.
  • Application Flexibility: Versatility at its best. Whether your book block is a loose sheet, folded signature, glued block, or even sewn, the ESF-1000 can handle it. Configure it inline with the BQ-500 binder or offline for added convenience.
  • Variable Thickness Production: With the built-in thickness caliper system, adapt on-the-go for variable thickness productions.
  • Optional Barcode Printing: The BR-ESF barcode reader for the infeed section and the CPR-ESF code printer for the delivery section enable barcode printing on the end sheet. This facilitates binder and trimmer setup and ensures matching during the casing-in process.
  • End Sheet Feeding: Tip one or two end sheets on the front and/or back of your book block. Load end sheets on the run for uninterrupted production.
  • Automatic Thickness Measurement: The integrated thickness caliper measures your book block's thickness, automating system settings for optimal results.

Additional Options for the ESF-1000

1m Conveyor CBF-CV1 Infeed buffer conveyor
2m Conveyor CBF-CV2 Essential for efficient operation. *Note: At least one conveyor is required.
3m Conveyor CBF-CV3 For extended operations and higher productivity.
Melter PM-ESF Supplies hot glue for precise end sheet tipping.
Melter Hose PMH-ESF Ensures consistent glue flow and application.
Code Reader BR-ESF Reads thickness for setup or recalls the job from memory or iCE LiNK for adaptable production.
Barcode Printer CPR-ESF Prints the barcode on the end sheet at the delivery section, streamlining the process.

From glue type (hot glue) to book block size and tipping distance, the Horizon ESF-1000 offers a range of specifications to suit diverse book manufacturing needs. It efficiently manages a wide weight range for both the book block sheet and the end sheet. With cycle speeds reaching up to 1,000 cycles per hour for bound book blocks and 800 cycles per hour for loose book blocks, productivity is guaranteed. The machine's dimensions stand at a robust 115.35” (W) x 49.57” (D) x 76.06” (H), ensuring it's a perfect fit for any production floor.

With the Horizon ESF-1000 End Sheet Feeder, you're not just investing in a machine; you're investing in the future of high-quality book manufacturing.

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