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Standard Horizon

Horizon HM-225 Glue Chips

Horizon HM-225 Glue Chips

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Horizon Hot Melt HM-225 Glue Chips

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Horizon HM-225 (same as the HM-221) is a hot melt glue. More specifically, an ethyl-vinyl acetate glue, commonly referred to as EVA. EVA glues are hot melt adhesives that become liquid at high temperature and harden when cooled. This ability allows the glue to flow within the fibers of the paper to form a mechanical bond. Horizon HM-225 glue comes in the form of chips. These glue chips are great for most any perfect binding or padding application. HM-225 is particularly useful for gluing coated stocks that most other glues have trouble adhering to. The opaque white glue is a classic look that is pleasing to the eye.


  • 44 lb carton of HM-225 Glue Chips
  • Simply add more chips as your tank gets low
  • EVA Style Glue Chips
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