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Horizon HT-300 Book Trimmer

Horizon HT-300 Book Trimmer

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HT-300 Product Details

The HT-300 Three-side Trimmer features a fully automated setup with color touchscreen control. The system offers higher productivity, unique corner cut capability, optional flap cover trimming, and it’s automated setup can be barcode driven. The HT-300 is over 35% faster than previous models and can process up to 300 books/stacks per hour (4 books/stack x 300 = 1,200 bph). This three-side trimmer can be easily run in-line with the BQ-270V and BQ-480 perfect binders for seamless book production.

Book cutting is a very important part of the manufacturing process. A clean cut on the head, foot, and face of a book will give it the finished look that your customer desires. The HT-300 will cut books automatically while you relax and play on your phone. Just load a stack, pick the size, and the HT-300 book trimmer will feed them in and deliver a finished product.

Corner Cutting Feature

Cover scratching is avoided with gentle book handling. Expert engineering by Horizon in Japan achieves fast book trimming without cover scratching or spine damage. The final product will be nice square books. 

Horizon HT-300 Book Trimmer Features

  • Automatic adjustments: The HT-300 uses a servo motor press plate which allows for the auto calibration of the press height along with automatic pressure adjustment
  • Fixed position cutting station: This trimmer features heavy-duty construction and increased book trimming control
  • Status indicators: Customizable color-code, interior LED lights tell operators the machine status at a glance
  • Trim removal: The HT-300 features increased trim air supply and control with the ability to customize timing an pressure, as well as efficient push removal for small trim
  • iCE-LiNK: The HT-300 comes standard with iCE LiNK, Horizon's next generation pXnet, JDF workflow and job management tool
  • Flexible configuration: With multiple options for feeders, stackers, or conveyors, the HT-300 can be configured depending on your unique needs

Horizon HT-300 Book Trimmer Specifications

Maximum Trim Width 3.93"
Minimum Trim Width 0.08"
Maximum Trim Height 2.005"
Minimum Trim Height 0.04"
Production Speed 300 books/hour
Finished Book Size Configuration dependent; contact us for more details


iCE LiNK Access

After installing this equipment and connecting it to the iCE LiNK network the equipment will immediately begin logging status information. Equipment owners can login to ice link to view the current and historical data on their equipment.

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