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Horizon PF-P3110 Paper Folder

Horizon PF-P3110 Paper Folder

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PF-3110 Product Details: 

The Horizon PF-P3110 Paper Folder is ideal for office use. It features a quick set-up, easy operation and it is very fast. This is a great little folder that handles a range of papers while providing years of reliability. Additionally, the PF-P3110's unique internal fold-plate design and variable speed settings provides enhanced sound reduction control when desired.

This folder is shipped direct. The self set up process is very simple. Just unbox the machine and remove the packing materials. You will be folding letter paper within just a couple minutes.

This paper folding machine is a friction feeding machine. It uses a rubber wheel on the stack of paper to feed. This is great for office papers like normal copier paper or anything uncoated. Smooth glossy paper will not feed well with this friction feeder and you will need to use a paper folder with an air feeder like the Horizon PF-40L. Folders with air feeders are usually bigger and more expensive so if you don't need to fold any glossy paper then this paper folding machine is perfect.

The PF-P3110's innovative LED assisted manual set-up makes selecting between six preset standard folds and four common paper sizes fast and easy. Simply select a preset paper size and a fold format on the control panel and the LED fold position indicators automatically illuminate the corresponding fold alignment positions. The bright pinpoint settings of the LED system accurately high-lights where to manually align each preset fold on the PF-P3100, making set-up a simple task for any operator. Highly productive with feeding speeds up to 240 sheets per-minute, the PF-P3100 superior friction-feed system with three speed settings is flexible and reliable. Other key productivity features include a single sheet test feed button to assist set-up and a delivery conveyor to neatly stack folded sheets during production.

Horizon PF-P3110 Features

  • LED assisted set-up
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Preset Fold Format: letter, half, double parallel, engineering, z-fold and gate fold
  • Preset Folds: letter, Z-fold, gate fold, half fold, engineering fold, double parallel fold
  • Fold Plate Controls: Manual Knobs

Horizon PF-P3110 Specifications

  • Max Sheet: 11.88" x 17"
  • Min Sheet: 2.56" x 4.26"
  • Folds up to 11" x 17"
  • Folding Speeds: 240, 140, 84 letter folds/min
  • Stock Weight: 16lb bond to 80lb text (53-127 gsm)
  • Tray Capacity: 1.18" (Approx 300 Sheets)
  • Power: 115V 60Hz, 77W Dimensions: 37.4" x 21.3" 12.7"

How to Select a Fold

Most people just leave it set up for a letter fold and never change. However you can do various types of folds like a half-fold or a Z-fold. By positioning the stops with two knobs you can position two folds wherever you want. The machine guides you through selecting common fold types.

The PF-P3100 offers six standard folds: letter, z-fold, gate, half, engineering, and double parallel for each of the four preset paper sizes. It is also simple to manually set-up a custom fold application with the PF-P3100's helpful calibrated fold positioning guide.

fold patterns available

Easy Set-up and Operation

With simple controls and LED assisted positioning guide, the operator can quickly dial the fold controls to the preset fold positions. There's a ruler gauge on the front of the machine that shows the fold position. When you pick your paper size and fold type the ruler will light up showing you where to put your stops at. Just turn the big knob to make it line up with the lights and you're ready to fold.

Simple Maintenance

Operator has easy access to the paper path and also tool-less removal of feed and fold rollers.  Just open the top cover and clean the rubber feed wheels with some soap and water. Once they become worn out order a replacement wheel and the feeder will run for another million years.
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